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Of all the sitcoms to reboot the superior tastemakers of the TV world select Roseanne to save cable. This week Starbucks flexed its racial sensitivity muscles by closing 8,000 stores and all but requiring the art school dropouts and prison escapees working the counters to attend a four-hour-long company-wide racial bias meeting. Vote on thrilling categories such as Best Boobs and Solo... with Children, “I fit every stereotype of a Jewish woman,... It’s up to you to check out all the porn hopefuls with great relationships with their fathers and VOTE for who’s the hottest, nastiest, and most mentally stable!!!Dating speculation had already begun over the weekend after Chopra, 35, and Jonas, 25, were photographed together while celebrating Memorial Day with friends.In one photo they're cozied up together on a boat and in another, they're seated next to each other during a meal.

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In a move that screams publicity stunt, Gemma has responded by tweeting, ‘find out Sunday the real reason why I didn’t go’.Gemma’s place on the show could actually be in jeopardy, with matchmaker Eden stating ‘we’ve fired people for less’.So, will Gemma be dropped for her indisputably rude behaviour? Scott's daughter, Penelope, was hanging with dad and Sofia, too.Gemma Collins is the ultimate celebrity conundrum, she’s hilarious, a self-esteem icon, tragically self-sabotaging but also kind of a massive dick.

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