Boundaries in dating by dr henry cloud read dating seattle

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An addiction is a compulsive physiological need for something, in other words, something that someone needs to survive.

People are usually addicted to a specific substance, such as alcohol, cocaine, speed, or food.

And making those decisions involves myriad details.

If we can’t set limits on ourselves, however, we need to enlist the aid of others. If we call the police and ask them to help limit our...

They are not interested in settling the score or getting even.Several years ago I had spoken at a leadership conference, and I was walking down the hall backstage with a friend of mine, who happened to be the event host.We were talking about the incredible growth and reach of her organization and all the great work it was doing, but something else also came up.But people can also feel addicted to activities, such as sex, gambling, work, destructive, relationships, religiosity, achievement, and materialism.These substances and activities never satisfy, however, because they don’t deal with the real problem.

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