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I advised her of this, she was not accommodating became turse, abrupt, argumentative & again stated she could not guarantee I would not be disturbed & she would leave a note for the Manager.

I did leave a note on my door & was not disturbed however it was not customer focused, Tonya was very rude & it was stressful for a person in my condition, particularly after I had attempted to do everything, in advance, to prevent an issue like this.

A million children ask not to be murdered and you support a woman who attacks them. Reply DO NOT STAY at the MACON, GA La Quinta, or any of their locations after you read this post! This was a heavy trailer, with over 500lbs tongue weight, and much of our life inside. Imagine trying to tell your family everything is gone!

A list of companies that sponsor this hate monger are all over FB. We took extra precautions and pinned the trailer tight into a corner close to the front door. Imagine trying to tell your 10 year old daughter all her belongings and special things are gone!

The following is the review of my stay I shared where possible.

The manager did respond however, due to the fact that I never seemed to receive a response on Twitter & the myriad of issues I encountered I am sharing with the Corporate Office.

The company was founded by brothers Sam and Phil Barshop. In 1991, the company was taken over by the Bass and Taylor families of Ft. In 1999, the La Quinta corporate office moved from San Antonio to Irving, a Dallas suburb. You’re telling me your company condones the slaughter of children in their classrooms?When I spoke to the Manager about the lack of customer service & concern of the front desk clerk he said he had not received a note from Tonya nor had she told him.He did credit me for one night, however I would have preferred the situation NOT occur & I NOT experience the stress & undesirable situation with the front desk clerk OR the other issues I review below.Today, the company operates over 700 hotels in the US, Mexico and Canada. What’s more disgusting of your support for Laura is that your company condones a woman who would attack viciously attack these kids.Question 1: What is the phone number for La Quinta? Laura is so heinous she went so low as to mock David Hogg for not being accepted at UCLA. The corporate office claims no liability or negligence even though they admit there are not any security cameras or security personnel at this location. Our life has dramatically changed and we live a nightmare reliving what happened every time we go to get something and realize it was something that was in the trailer.

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