Blink speed dating review fun dating game ideas

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Again, when asked by the researchers who oversaw the speed dating research, participants could not consciously state why they were intuitively drawn to people who did not fit their lists.

Although Harding's name appears in the chapter's title, he is not its main focus.

Gladwell uses this "first impression" example as a starting point for discussing gender and race biases.

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Interestingly enough, Braden was tortured by the fact that he could not identify how he was so accurately predicting the poor serves.

The chapter focuses mostly on the research of psychologist John Gottman from the University of Washington.

Gottman has established the reputation of being able to determine with a 90% accuracy rate whether a marriage will endure.

Blink introduces us to the power of thin-slicing by way of example.

Take the “Love Lab” at the University of Washington, where psychologist John Gottman has been thin-slicing the way couples interact since the early 1980s.

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