Biden and dating violence

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In their formative years, teens are influenced by their early relationships, and the example set by those around them can have lasting consequences.

My Administration is working diligently to address teen dating violence in a number of ways.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-ninth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and fortieth.

NEW BRUNSWICK -- Former Vice President Joe Biden is headed to Rutgers University Thursday for what is expected to be a frank discussion of sexual assault on college campuses.

The event in the College Avenue Gymnasium will only be open to students and the media.

All of the tickets to the event were distributed last week on the first day they were available, organizers said.

Violent dating relationships can lead to depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use, and thoughts of suicide, and victims may continue to experience detrimental effects throughout their lives.

The cycle of violence can begin with anyone at any time, and as a society, we must acknowledge that we each have a role to play in teaching children about healthy relationships.On Tuesday, they reaffirmed that decision despite the reports of additional allegations against Weinstein."The allegations of sexual assault and harassment of women by Harvey Weinstein are appalling and indefensible," said Dory Devlin, a Rutgers spokeswoman.Dating violence may include physical force, such as kicking, hitting, and shoving; emotional abuse, consistent monitoring, and isolation; or sexual assault.Dating violence can occur in any relationship, whether it is casual and short-term or long-term and monogamous, and any young person can experience dating violence or other unhealthy relationship behaviors -- regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

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