Assertive women dating

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If your style is aggressive, you may come across as a bully who disregards the needs, feelings and opinions of others. Very aggressive people humiliate and intimidate others and may even be physically threatening. Others may come to resent you, leading them to avoid or oppose you. If you communicate in a passive-aggressive manner, you may say yes when you want to say no.

You may think that being aggressive gets you what you want. You may be sarcastic or complain about others behind their backs.

Being assertive is usually viewed as a healthier communication style. It helps you keep people from walking all over you. Behaving assertively can help you: People develop different styles of communication based on their life experiences.

Your style may be so ingrained that you're not even aware of what it is.

What are the drawbacks of a passive-aggressive communication style?

Over time, passive-aggressive behavior damages relationships and undercuts mutual respect, thus making it difficult for you to get your goals and needs met.

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If you've spent years silencing yourself, becoming more assertive probably won't happen overnight.

Listening to other people is one of the best ways to learn and to get ahead, so you’d better believe we’re listening to EVERYTHING that goes on around us. We don’t always have to be dominant, but we do know when tos tand up for ourselves and what we deserve. No human being likes every single person on earth, but that doesn’t mean we hate all women. Assertive is clear, concise, and direct; this only gets repeated if necessary. Is it because we’re stuck in a time warp where women are the lesser sex and don’t speak up? Assertive women may not always be assertive, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake when we are.

A smart guy recognizes what a prize he has in us and doesn’t mind if we want to take charge sometimes. We have standards for the people in our lives just like everyone else, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love, support and encourage our fellow ladies to be their amazing selves. Assertive women usually set ambitious goals, dream big, and work hard. Sponsored: New dating app guarantees no wasted time.

In essence, when you're too passive, you give others the license to disregard your wants and needs.

Consider this example: You say yes when a colleague asks you to take over a project, even though your plate is full, and the extra work means you'll have to work overtime and miss your daughter's soccer game. But always saying yes can poison your relationships.

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