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Julia is pressuring her beau Glenn (Matthew Glave), a scuzzy junk-bond dealer who plays around on her, to set the date.

It's quickly apparent that Linda and Glenn aren't good enough for Robbie and Julia, who are almost too nice to be real.

The continual allusions to '80s icons -- "Dallas," "The Incredible Hulk," Ivana and Donald, Burt and Loni -- start coming across as forced.

The script by Tom Herlihy seems more '50s than '80s in its portrayal of young people.

As Robbie Hart, a former lead singer in a rock band reduced to performing at weddings, Sandler goes for more than the easy laughs.

The movie is his bid to be something like a romantic leading man.

The only suspense is how long it will take Robbie and Julia to figure out that they're meant for each other.Ross immediately becomes jealous and suspicious of Mark, convinced that Mark only helped Rachel to get the job so he could steal her from Ross.Ross's jealousy provokes Rachel to the point where she tells him that she thinks they should take a break, something that she immediately regrets.After her boyfriend/director dumps her following a scathing review of the play, she turns to Joey for support.The relationship doesn't last long, as she is given an opportunity on a soap opera in Los Angeles. Monica prepares for what she thinks is a marriage proposal, but is disappointed when Pete confides in her that he wants to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

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