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Today, I choose to speak out for the sake of other past, present, and future victims of spiritual abuse by TVC and similar churches.

I want you to know that what has happened, is happening, or will happen to you is not okay and is not a reflection of the nature of God’s very real love for you. I want you to know that there are people who love Jesus who are willing to stand up for you and speak out on your behalf.

I persisted in asking questions almost every day over the course of the next three weeks, and on December 16th Jordan's reaction to a question I asked revealed that there was indeed much more to the story.

He tried to avoid talking any further that night, but I pressed until he agreed to "tell me the whole story".

When I made the decision to go public in order to expose Jordan Root and The Village Church, I knew I was taking a great deal of personal risk, but I had never imagined that TVC would go to such lengths to deceive their members, silence their critics, and defame my character.

I originally chose to speak out primarily for the sake of possible past and future victims of child sexual abuse by Jordan.

I want you to know that the bullies do not always win.

I pressed him, and he eventually began what I am calling his "pseudoconfession".

However, in light of the public nature of this situation, some misinformation that we’ve seen online and questions we have been receiving from our members, we felt it was necessary to extend this communication beyond Covenant Members at the Dallas campus to all Covenant Members of The Village Church.

We apologize if you are not a Covenant Member of our Dallas campus and found out about the situation from outside sources, but our intent here is to provide clarity and understanding.

Jordan and Karen have been Covenant Members of The Village Church for three years and were sent out last August by the Dallas campus as missionaries to South Asia through a missionary agency called (SIM).

In December, Jordan confessed that he had viewed online pornography involving children.

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