Ampeg amp dating

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When striking a chord on your guitar, the whole value chain of electrical components must quickly transport a large amount of energy (current) to the loudspeakers.

Tube amps usually have a slower response time than transistor amps.

Tube vs transistor amps If you’re struggling with discovering a sweet tone, it’s time you get yourself a proper Fender tube amp.

It doesn’t have to be a vintage amp, but is has to be a tube amp. Because they offer a sweetness and warmness that transistor amps cannot compete with.

When the tubes are pushed hard at high volumes they draw lots of current and the power circuit cannot to deliver enough current fast enough.

Your amp starts to struggle and has reached its limit of maximum linear operation.

How can we relate this to tone, or even a guitar amp?

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They feature a 'flip-top' design that allowes the top of the head to open like a lid.Surprisingly for Leo Fender this was described as a sweet and forgiving character, a small delay in tone, aka compression and sag.You’ll notice that your amp adds sustain to your notes.In the classic Fender blackface amps this is caused mostly by power tube distortion while the preamp section is relatively clean.In most amp circuit designs with no master volume, the power amp section will start to break up before the preamp section.

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