Albuquerque nm dating Svallingson

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I am really having trouble finding the 20s/30s secular "young professional" type that you will find in cities like DC, NYC, Boston, SF, etc.

Most of the profiles I see are people who are hyper-religious, out of shape, divorced with multiple kids in their teens, not particularly educated, and not particularly cosmopolitan.

But if OP is moving away soon to pursue educational opportunities then why ask now about dating scene here? Maybe join Mi ABQ "The Mi ABQ Millennial Project is a self-organizing group of young professionals under 40 years of age who are interested in the revitalization of downtown Albuquerque. " So they are kinda all about that downtown nonsense (although more about the livable part of it and not the shady part).

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I'm thinking about relocating within the next year or so to a more populous city to possibly pursue further education since there aren't many additional professional/educational opportunities here in my field, but NM/Albuquerque has really disappointed me socially. I think this reduces the time they have for socializing.

OTOH, other places I've lived, a much larger % of the population is not from there, so less family obligations and more time to socialize. OP compared Albuquerque to Boston but I found it much easier to meet people here than when I lived in Boston for four years.

Let's meet up to enjoy the beautiful view from the patio at the Local Brewhouse! Our Purpose To provide a means and a social group for single people to come together with others that are in similar situations.

There are specials on shots and they have a full menu so you can order appetizers or a full meal. We can all learn from each other and great friendships come out of getting to know each other.

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