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If you come into possession of personal information of another chatters, please be discreet about it.

Any and all use of the personal information of others will result in a serverban from Kinksters Chat.

If, on return from a ban, the chatter resumes the behaviour of which s/he has been warned, further bans may be placed which could include a permanent ban from room(s) or the server.

Please do not share your personal information with strangers on the internet.

Continuation of the disruption will result in a ban from the channel in question or the server.

Please be advised that announcing your ignorelist, as well as complaints about PMs, in the main rooms are viewed as room disruptions and will be treated as such.

Ignoring ALL private messages from EVERYONE If you want to ignore ALL private messages from EVERYONE, you can type the following: /mode yournickname D (This will disallow you from receiving any private messages, with the exception of the staff mentioned when typing the command /admin while connected to the chat.

Please make use of them if you are the type of person that would be upset by an uninvited Private Message.

This server is for people engaging in, or interested in, BDSM and its related kinks and fetishes.

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    All personally identifiable information collected from the Site will not be shared with any other entity without your expressed consent, other than as described in "Exceptions to Sharing Personally Identifiable Information" below.