Absoulte dating

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Every day when Tooru heads for the cafeteria for a meal, if he get's a lot of meat, Tomoe always tells him to eat some vegetables because she worries about her friends' health.

Later after the events of volume 1 when the gang was attacked by Tsukumo, Tooru asks Tachibana to become his teacher to improve his attack and defense.

It is still unknown how he really feels about Lilith.

Tomoe is one of Tooru's first friends upon entering the academy.

She proclaims that it's only a job to kill some of the students.

When Tooru and Julie are fighting with Rito, she is shown to be giving them a hard time because of their differences, making her look down on them. After the fight, Rito starts to take an interest in Tooru.

Imari and Tooru on friendly terms battle it out to enter the academy. Later in volume 3, it's revealed that those who failed the have been assigned to an island.

They always support each other and didn't give up no matter what. When the top strand of her hair wiggles, its a sign of enjoyment usually from Tooru's kind words or a pat on the head (which is something her late father did as well). Lilith is one of Tooru's close friends at the academy.Tora is shown to be a very straight forward friend to Tooru, but from time to time shows kindness which is shown a lot during the school battles.They both grew up in the same dojo along with Tooru's little sister but Aoi left the dojo before one incident that ended up killing Tooru's sister.She is the first person that Tooru meets during the Qualification Ceremony for Kouryou Academy.During the ceremony, Chairman Sayuka announces that each student must fight each other one on one with the winner being allowed to enter the academy.

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