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When advertised as "Cruises For Singles", these deals include various themed activities geared towards single / solo travelers only.In this case "singles" means unmarried (often divorced) people who look to make friends, to have their "singles party" fun vacation, and sometimes - with a love connection in mind.Unfortunately, single supplement ends up with so excessive fees that singles would rather share with a stranger in order to save money.Single supplement fares vary from 110% to 200% (depending on company and ship), It means you'll have pay from 55 to 100% of full double occupancy fare.This article is integrated with our hubs for Theme Cruises (reviewing other ways to meet like-minded people on specially themed voyagers) and Cruise Tips and Tricks.

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Many companies are being advertised as "singles cruise lines", but only a few of them provide solo cabins - designed specifically to accommodate only one passenger.

The super-expensive luxury brand Silversea offers super-single supplement fares of only 110% plus the possibility to make itinerary fit your timetable. When you first find out that you must pay double simply because you have chosen to sail alone, you curse the company.

But you will pay the nasty supplement - because there is no choice.

Occasionally, special offers allow booking a double cabin at reduced single supplement rates.

Same-sex cabin sharing is also offered by some companies, usually on smaller boats as well as on themed voyages.

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