1950 s dating advice

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Every person experimenting with poly who has contacted me in the middle of their biggest freakout reports back to me a week or two later that things are much better, and that the experience has brought them closer to their partner or others.

They forged the way for others, and now, we have San Francisco.

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And don’t be afraid to ask for a hug or some reassurance.

If the ‘problem’ is truly just that one person (or both) wants the freedom to be involved with other people, and the relationship is otherwise strong, and both are willing and able to expand their minds to accept that change in terms in the relationship, it can work.

Sometimes, it takes a dire situation to convince someone that they should re-examine their world views.

Poly pros: how long did it take for you to “get used to” the polyamorous lifestyle? If that sounds like a long time, just think about the 30 years of monogamous programming that had to be undone!

I’m 36 now, had my first open relationship at 16 which turned poly when I was 18.

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