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The degree of enforcement of the anti-prostitution laws vary by country, by region and by city.

In many places there is a big discrepancy between the laws which exist on the books and what happens in practice.

Other countries which have restrictive prostitution policies and officially affirm an anti-prostitution stance are the United Kingdom, Ireland and France.

Among countries where prostitution is not officially and legally regulated and recognized as a job, laissez-faire and tolerant attitudes exist in Spain, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Belgium is a multilingual country with beautiful historic cities, bordering Luxembourg at the rolling hills of the Ardennes.

It's easy to see why - a well preserved cultural heritage, open borders and efficient infrastructure makes visiting Europe a breeze, and rarely will you have to travel more than a few hours before you can immerse yourself in a new culture, and dive into a different phrasebook.

Italian Peninsula (Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City)Rome, Florence, Venice and Pisa are on many travellers' itineraries, but these are just a few of Italy's destinations.

Italy has more history and culture packed into it than many other countries combined.

Some of its tourist attractions include Paris, the French Riviera, the Atlantic beaches, the winter sports resorts of the Alps, the castles of the Loire Valley, Brittany and Normandy, and the rural landscape of the Provence.

The country is also known for its gastronomy (particularly wines and cheeses), history, culture and fashion.

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