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Deskew logic requires data to be marked with a toggle bit. This signal indicates that the RX CDR is currently in lock to data mode, or is attempting to lock to the incoming data stream.

DC block caps and biasing resistors are fixed internally by default.Each Hard IP instance contains a full-featured multi-lane Ethernet (EHIP_CORE) Media Access Control (MAC) layer, which offers a number of interfacing options from the FPGA fabric.The multi-lane core can be used for 100G Ethernet applications.devices introduce several transceiver tile variants to support a wide variety of protocol implementations. These channels provide continuous data rates from 1 Gbps to 30 Gbps in NRZ mode, and 2 Gbps to 57.8 Gbps in PAM4 mode.These transceiver tile variants are L-, H-, and E-Tiles. For longer-reach backplane driving applications, adaptive equalization circuits are available to equalize the system losses.

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